What is the Bépo Keyboard Layout?

The layout of AZERTY keyboards is derived from the American QWERTY layout, with the main differences being the transitioning of numbers to capitalized letters, adding accented letters (such as é, è, and ç), the inversion of A / Q and Z / W, and the displacement of M. The other Francophone countries (Canada, Belgium, Switzerland) use different versions more or less close to the AZERTY or QWERTY. The main feature of the QWERTY - and its derivatives - is to avoid duplication of bars on mechanical typewriters, and NOT to facilitate typing. This mechanical stress no longer exists on Bépo keyboards, keys were rearranged logically and efficiently.

Disadvantages of the AZERTY keyboard

  • The most frequent characters are not the most easily accessible.
  • Conversely, rare characters are very accessible; for example: "Z," "; "Or" K ".
  • Accented letters are not easily accessible, located on the row numbers
  • Usual characters in French have been forgotten: œ, accented capital letters.
  • There is a large imbalance between the two hands (58% strikes for the left hand while there are more characters in the right hand).
  • No proper optimization of the French language were made.
Mountain View


The design of this keyboard is very similar to Apple's default keyboard. This app has numerous different features to help you type faster on your iOS Device!

Different types of features available here :


Accents can be accessed by long pressing a key.


Numerous customization settings available by tapping the gear icon.

Numbers & Special Characters

Numbers and special characters can be accessed at the touch of a button.

Fully Responsive

Available on all iPhone and iPad Devices with iOS 8 and above.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a couple of hidden features included in the keyboard:


Quick Punctuation

If you long press on F or H, you will get a popup to access punctuation symbols faster.


Click on the Gear Icon

You will have access to a lot of cool features such as Auto-capitalization, period shortcut, and keyboard clicks.


Dark mode & Solid Mode

If you go in Spotlight Search, you will see that the keyboard automatically translates to Dark Mode.


Change Keyboard

Change Keyboard by pressing the globe key in the lower left corner of the Bépo Keyboard.

Privacy Policy

Security and privacy are fundamental to the design of this Bépo Keyboard.

This keyboard does not collect your input or connect to the network even when "Allow Full Access" is enabled. By default the "Allow Full Access" mode is disabled, meaning that the keyboard works in complete isolation from all of your other apps. However if you want to be able to hear the clicking sound when tapping on keys you will need to select the gear key on the lower left of the keyboard and enable "Keyboard Clicks" . If you don't need the "Keyboard Clicks" option, the keyboard is still fully functional without allowing full access. To be able to use the speakers on an iOS device, the user needs to "Allow Full Access". Again all of the data from this keyboard is stored locally on your device.